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April 27, 2015
by AM

Homework due on May 1

Monday: Look, cover, say, write, and check each of these words. Then draw a picture to help you remember this word.

1.complex 2. perspective    3. reflection    4. priority 5. percent

Tuesday: Write one paragraph (5-7 sentences) on how your perspective has changed during this unit on rights, responsibilities, and opportunities. (For example: I never knew that girls in Afghanistan did not go to school…)

Wednesday: You are a reporter. Write down three questions that you want to ask the main character in the book you are reading during Reader’s Workshop.

Thursday: Work on for 25 minutes.

*a reminder about homework: please spend only 25 minutes on it and complete what you can!

April 25, 2015
by AM

Grade Four News April 24

Grade Four News

April , 2015




This week the Grade Four students continued work with the Sharing the Planet Unit of Inquiry. We looked at childrens’ rights and how they differ from the rights of adults around the world.


Thanks, as always, for your support at home.


Andy and Carolyn

Grade Four Teachers


Throughout the year, we have been reinforcing addition, subtraction, and multiplication. Please practice at home with your ‘Xtra Math’ account!

This week we looked into adding and subtracting fractions, as well as, comparing fractions.

In addition to working on Mathletics, students are encouraged to practice multiplication times tables at the following websites: (the games section is good)



Reader’s workshop:  This week we continued to read Parvana’s Journey as well as some fables and zen stories. We talked about the message you can find in these types of stories. Have a look below to see if you can work out the message in this story.

Writer’s Workshop: In this unit, students are writing essays about some of the books and short stories they read. This week, we looked at The Breadwinner and talked about some of the big ideas in this series of books by Deborah Ellis. We also learned about an outline to help us with the task of writing a literary essay using themes and examples from the books.

Units of Inquiry:

Unit of Inquiry: It’s Not Fair

Title: It’s Not Fair!

Central Idea: People of the world have varying rights, responsibilities and opportunities.

Lines of Inquiry:

The rights of children

Our rights responsibilities and opportunities

The responsibilities, rights and opportunities of child labourers

Concept Questions:

What are children’s rights and why?

What are our responsibilities, rights and opportunities?

What responsibilities, rights and opportunities do child labourers have?

Summative Assessment:

The Summative Assessment is a reflective journal recorded in the Unit of Inquiry notebook through the unit.

You will participate in a series of simulations depicting the lives of child laborers around the world. After the simulations, you will be asked to think about and record your understanding of the rights, responsibilities and opportunities of the children’s lives you role-played and compare them to your own life.

During these reflections we reflected using the six facets of understanding: self knowledge (asking students to reflect on their learning) empathy (asking students to reflect through the eyes of characters) perspective (asking students to reflect about the different points of view), explain (students explain their reflections) interpret (tell meaningful stories making connections e.g. to self, texts, analogies), application (ask students to apply their understandings in a scenario eg You are a…)

This week we began to think about what are our rights as children and how they differ from adults. We also started to watch parts of the documentary Stolen Childhood to see how some children have their rights violated by being forced to work.



  • Golden Week holiday May 4th – 5th
  • Camp May 6th- 8th
  • Fill in online camp form
  • This from the library:

This will be our last Scholastic book order for the school year. To ensure that our books arrive before the Summer holidays, the ordering period is shorter than usual. We will close the order on Friday May 1st, 2015.


How to order online:

1          Go to

2          Select the books that you’d like to order and add them to your basket.

3          Checkout and choose the ‘school delivery’ option.


Thank you and happy book buying.

April 21, 2015
by AM

Homework due April 24

Monday: Look, cover, say, write, and check each of these words. Then write a definition of this word.
1. protection 2. freedom 3. migrant 4. luxury 5. agriculture
Tuesday: Look around your house and ask your parents or older brothers/sisters: How do you use fractions or percentages every day at home or in your job? Write your list of ways in your homework book.
Wednesday: Watch this video about Deborah Ellis (author of Parvana).
How did she get the idea for the Parvana books? Do you have anything from real life that you can make a fiction story? Write your ideas in the blog comments.

Thursday: Work on for 25 minutes.

*a reminder about homework: please spend only 25 minutes on it and complete what you can!