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August 31, 2015
by AM

Homework due on September 4

 Here is the homework for this week. Please do all the work in your Homework notebook, except for Thursday’s Mathletics. Remember to bring in your Homework notebook on Friday. You should have at least three pages completed in the book by then.

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday
word work writing social focus math
Look, say, cover , write, check. Then write each word in a sentence.

junk food



How healthy is your fridge?
Look inside your fridge, maybe take a photo.  Write a paragraph to answer the question.
Why do we sweat?
Present your findings in a flow chart on one page.
Place Value assignments: Whole numbers to ten thousand

August 24, 2015
by AM

First day of school

Today we talked about some agreements between students and teachers for our classes and brainstormed some ways to make our class a better place. We came up with some useful behavior guidelines and put them into three categories:

1. Speak with integrity

2.Act with empathy

3. Think it through

4. Do your best


August 16, 2015
by AM

Welcome new students for 2015-16!

Welcome back everyone! We are getting ready to start the new school year here in Grade 4 and we are super excited to get started on August 24th. Josie and Andy (your Grade Four teachers) will be posting information on this blog from time to time and you will get to know this website in the next few weeks. For now, please remember this website so you can refer back to it when you need it.

If you are still on vacation and flying in from outside of Japan, we wish you safe travels. See you soon!

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