Life is like a box of chocolates.

Homework due on September 16


Monday: Start a sleep journal in your homework notebook. Write down the times you go to sleep and wake up each day from Monday to Friday. Look, cover, say, write, and check each of these words. Then use each word in an interesting sentence.

  1. energy  2. fuel  3. allergy  4. strength 5. muscles


Tuesday: Draw the setting from your story in Writer’s Workshop. Include as much detail as possible. Label at least five parts of the setting that are important for the reader.


Wednesday: Read this article called “Why Can’t Dogs Eat Chocolate.” Write a one paragraph reflection in your homework book.


Thursday: Log in to Khan Academy and complete math assignments from the recommendations section. Sign in with your email.


-remember to read for at least 15 minutes every day

-please spend only 25 minutes on written homework and complete what you can!

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