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Rice harvesting


Tuesday’s homework: Please write your thoughts about rice harvesting here in the comments.

What was unexpected or what surprised you about harvesting?

What did you learn about the process of planting, growing and harvesting rice?



  1. I could not go to the rice harvesting.But I wanted to go,because it looks interesting and also because I never done it.I hope my friends had fun there.

  2. The harvesting was great but I got all muddy… It was nice being in the nature for a while and out of the city. I hated the bus drive. It was SO long!! Frog hunting was fun but I felt a bit sorry for the frogs. It was fun. Very fun. I was surprised how much it hurt to be in a rice field. It was very itchy and hot. I learnt that it was very hard to plant and grow rice. Rice wasn’t just a normal plat that just grows. It takes the tiring care of many hands. Bye

  3. One thing that surprised me was the size of the rice because compared to normal rice it is so different.I learned that when they are done picking the rice they put it in a machine that takes the grass away from the rice.I also learned that there are quite a lot of rice on each plant.

  4. I was so surprised that there were so much rice grasses. I almost get many rices but when we went to the other gardens I was so surprised that there were many acorns,dragonfly,frog,natural and other animals. But I almost died when I tripped into the river.I was scary when I saw kama [a knife that is so sharpen.] I know a youkai [a japan ghost.] about kama it’s name is kamaitachi kamaitachi can kill anything with his kama.

  5. what I unexplected was that the rice was so hard to cut even with thouse sharp nife .I learned that the rice get so big and it only takes one year to grow.

  6. hi it is me jesper the rice harvesting was exiting because we had these big knifes that we cut the rice.i was not that exited about harvesting the rice because he were in the hot sun.

  7. The Morri farm was very cool it was my first time going there because I was not here last year.First we took a long bus ride to the farm then we started to cut all of the rice and then he told use how to turn all of it in the tiny bits of rice.After cutting the rice we could have lunch and they gave us a slushy that was very cold.After that we got to hold frogs and bunnys.Then we got to pull out are carrots then we kept them.That was the hole trip!

  8. I think today’s rice planting field trip was pretty fun.I was like,really surprised when I saw how tall the rice we planted in May had grown.It was awesome cutting the rice,although I think third grade’s rice planting field trip was way better.On the downside,it was scorching HOT!!!
    I learned that if you want to plant rice and save time, use machines.

  9. The machine for the rice planting surprised me because it was cutting through the plants smoothly. I wonder why they made the class cut the rice if that machine was there. I was surprised that the mud became hard because last year it was squishy.

  10. I learnt that the rice, it take time to eat it after harvesting rice. What I mean is that when you Da-kko-ku, 脱穀 だっこく、it takes time to do that. My mm thought we can bring the rice home today but we did not. That was surprising. I was surprised by how fast the machine truck goes compared to how long it takes to use an ax. It’s hard to believe that 100s of years ago, people were using the ax for every single day. I think the farms were much bigger before because there were no big buildings and there was much less pollution.

  11. I was surprised that some of the rice was still green. I was excepting that the rice would all be ripe. I think that it was really fun to pick the rice and to catch the frogs. I learnt from this trip that even tho it is hot and hard just keep trying.

  12. Homework for Tuesday September 27th 2016.

    The rice harvesting field trip was awesome. But I was really surprised how hot it was and how hard cutting rice would be. Also, I really enjoyed holding the adorable rabbits and feeding them. I learned a lot today. I didn’t know that rice growing process would be so fast. I also learned that rice does not take long to grow. From may to September and it grew 3 feet. WOW!

  13. I was surprised the tiny rice plants we planted in May grew so much bigger, and harvesting the rice by hand would take for hours, but using a machine would take only about 10-20 minutes. I was also surprised how the rice was sort of dry and hard. I didn’t know it was going to be that dry and hard.

    When planting the rice, I learned that you take little bits of the rice plants with the dirt and sort of stick/squeeze it in the mud. I also learned that you get very dirty if you fall in the mud.

    Since the mud was sort of watery, the rice probably had lots of water and the Mori Farm people took care of them. That is why I think the rice grew in great shape.

    When harvesting, I learned that when you cut the rice by hand, you sort of first squeeze the sharp knife thingy in first so it gets the grip and start going zig zig in the rice stems. I learned that it was quite hard for the people back then.

  14. It was fun and weird to harvest the rice with the knife. I didn`t think that the rice plant look like that. It was also kind of hard to get the rice plant of the ground with the knife. And it was so hot.

  15. Something that surprised me was that the rice was very tall and you sweated a lot when you cut the rice. I learned that harvesting rice is difficult and that sometimes it takes a long time, {that’s if you have never cut rice or harvested it or if you are a kid}You will not have as much experience.

  16. When I planted the rice I learned that it is a really muddy job. Also I learned that to plant it you have to step backwards while sticking 4-5 pieces o the rice into the sticky mud.When the rice was growing I learned that rice can grow a little bit fast and can grow really tall.Also I think that you have to water it every day! While we were harvesting I learned that we have to take a sharp knife very carefully and you have to hold the middle part of the tall rice and then as close as the bottom you cut it and put it in a pile! What surprised me is that I thought that we would have huge knives to cut the rice but they were actually pretty small! Also I did’t expect my pile of rice to be really big!

  17. I learned that machine beats Man when it comes to rice harvesting. I also learned that. Rice grows fast it grew really tall in just a few months finally I learned that rice harvesting is hot and thirsty work and you should try and stay hydrated but in the end you get two bags of rice so your hard work pays off.

    It was suprising that we had to were gloves and that the knives were so sharp.

  18. I learned that it isn’t easy to plant,grow and harvest rice. I didn’t expect that the rice would look like grass. I thought it would look a little brownish. I loved it even though I fainted. I wish to do it again sometime. I’m going to miss that awesome trip that I will never forget.

  19. I enjoyed the trip. I did not expect it to be so itchy, on reflection I should have worn long sleeves. I was surprised that the machine could harvest the rice so quickly, but when we harvested the rice it took a lot longer. Also I did not expect the plant to be so tall. I learnt that it takes quite a while for the farmers to complete the process. I really enjoyed the end of the trip because I got to carry a small, furry rabbit. It was so cute! It was sooooo FUUUNNN!

  20. For me the most unexpected thing was that it only takes about 5 months for it to grow into full-grown rice from seedlings. I thought it would take much more. Also I never knew that it took so much energy to cut the rice and pile it up by hand because I have only seen they do it with machines.

    What I learned about planting rice, is that if you don’t put several seedlings in one hole you make, it’s going to be hard to harvest, because they are in such little piles. What I learned about growing, is that for the people who do farming for living their life depends on the weather. Also, I saw a spider being eaten by a frog in the rice bush, so that proves there is not too much unnatural fertilizer in the dirt. That is good for the people who eat the rice. Lastly, for harvesting I learned that machines can be much more powerful and fast than cutting by hand. So I think farmers appreciate today’s technology.

  21. I wasn’t expecting that the rice would be so tall. It was so tall that it was taller than some people in the class. I learned that rice grows so fast because its only been there for about 5 moths and it was taller than a few people in the class.

  22. Today we went on a field trip to see the rice being harvested. When we plants the rice back in the spring the plants were super small. Now the plants are HUGE! That surprised me because I imagined them to still be small. I learned that harvesting rice is very tough. The plants are big and hard to cut down. You have to be strong and stay hydrated. It was a hot day, but it very interesting to see the rice being harvested.

  23. I was not expecting for the rice to be so tall because when we started it was so short and know its taller than some people in the class. I learned that rice grows fast because its only been 5 months. I wonder how it would have been if we kept it for longer.

  24. I found it surprising that there were a lot of frogs at Mori rice farm and that they use a sharp knife to cut the rice fields. I learned that you first have to plant the seeds and that it takes 6 months to grow. After it grows, you use a sharp knife to cut the rice stalks. I liked watching the process of putting the rice stalks in the machine and seeing the rice separate from the plant. I also learned that the farmers put the rice into big bags after the harvesting. My favorite part of the field trip was seeing the rice harvest and the bunnies!

  25. I was surprised the rice was taller and bigger than I expected them to be. the rice plant itched like glass going into my body. The rice plant suprised me when we got out of the bus when I look to the rice it looked like wheat.
    I learned that rice is not a seed its a plant because when we planted the rice it was something like grass.

  26. i thought that weed youse bigger knifes.

  27. I was surprised what it will make you so tied!
    I learn that mashins has proove tha mach.
    next time i will get better bug speray

  28. I was surprised at how fast the rice machine could cut the rice! But I’m happy that they did that because it itched like 5 mosquito bites.We got into partners and got gloves and knives. We cut the rice with sharp knives and the partner had to take it back and pile it up! And the sun was scorching hot I couldn’t even breath! But after that we all went back to the rest place. There were so many bugs that we screamed so loud it almost made my ears bleed. Then we had shaved ice that if you mix all of the flavors and stir it it looks like someone barfed Rainbow. When we finished our shaved ice we went to a little stream and caught frogs. Some people went to see bunny’s. I didn’t but I heard that they were SOOO cute! Well thats my experience. Bye!

  29. I was surprised that we harvested rice. I didn’t now that the machine was so fast at cutting.

  30. The the thing that surprised me the most was the way people harvests the rice because, some people did really long and thin lines, When other people did big semi circle. so ended up as, A big semi circle over here, a long thin line over in the middle and a rectangle over the left. And of course lots of little secret paths in between.

    I leant by watching a machine harvest rice, that it looks a lot easier to drive a machine over the rice fields than harvest the rice with a knife.
    BYE BYE.

  31. I think it is cool how much faster a machine is than those knives. I also think it is cool how tall the short rice that we planted got. I did not expect how hot it was.

  32. The harvesting was GREAT!!!! When I went out of the bus there was many natures. It was really pretty. But then when I started the harvesting, it was really hot. I couldn’t even hold the hotness. I think that was because the sun was shining right at us. Also it was really itchy because of the grasses.It hit my eye and nose and every where!! When I was hunting for the wheat, it was like a forest. I had to go over many grass. I also got really muddy. When I was done harvesting there were many wheats on my shirts.

    I learned that many people in the past, they all harvested with there own hand. I couldn’t believe it!! Now we are really lucky because we have machines!!

    This was the best memory I had. THANK YOU MORI FARM!

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