Life is like a box of chocolates.

Homework due on October 21


Monday: Look, cover, say, write and check these words:

  1. autobiography   2. transportation   3. consequences  4. rewards  5. chronology

Then write each word in an interesting sentence with more than eight words.


Write your best answer to this question:

Angel, Dexter, and Jarvis each took a different route walking home from the school. They made a map to show their routes.

Angel’s route:

  • Take the horizontal line on Main Street to the first intersection at Elm, Main, and Smith Streets.

  • Take Elm Street, which forms the side of an acute angle with Main Street.

  • Continue to the second of 2 parallel lines that intersect Elm Street.

  • Turn right.

  • Go to the first house.

  • What is its number?

Dexter’s route:

  • Follow the vertical line, Adams Street, to the first street that is perpendicular to Adams Street. Turn left onto Oak Street.

  • Continue on Oak Street to Chapel Street, which forms an obtuse angle with Oak.

  • Take a right onto Chapel Street.

  • Continue to the third house.

  • What is its number?

Jarvis’ route:

  • Take the horizontal line on Main Street past Smith Street to the street that makes a right angle with Main Street. Turn right onto Washington Street.

  • Take Washington Street to the streets that meet at the vertex of three other streets. Take the street that forms a right angle with Washington Street.

  • Go to the third house.

  • What is its number?

What is the number of the house where each person arrives?

Wednesday: Answer this question in at least one paragraph (at least 5-7 sentences): Would you rather explore space or underwater? Why?

Thursday: Log in to Khan Academy and complete math assignments from the recommendations section. Sign in with your email.


-remember to read for at least 15 minutes every day

-please spend only 25 minutes on written homework and complete what you can!


  1. Angel’s house it’s number 25.

    Dexter lives in the house number 1.

    Jarvis’s house it’s12.

  2. Jarvis’s house is one no.12
    Dexter’s house is on no.1
    Angela’s house is on no.25

  3. I think that Angel will arrive at house number 25, because she passes Main Street goes onto Elm Street, 2nd lane one the parallel lines, turn right, then see what the first of the right side of the line is, (which the answer is 25).

    I think that Dexter with arrive at house number 1, because he/she passes Adams Street, goes past Oak Street, then go up Chapel Street, then the third one from the bottom is the answer, (which the answer is 1).

    I think that Jarvis will arrive at house number 18. I think that because he goes past Main Street, goes up Washington Street, goes sort of diagonal-ish, then he goes to the very last one of the three on the diagonal line. (Which is house number 18).

    That is what I think and how I solved it out.

  4. Oops. Sorry. The last one of 12, not 18. Made a mistake. I didn’t know what right angle means. Miss understood it.

    I think that Jarvis had to past Main Street, go up Washington Street, take the middle or 2nd one out of the three streets, since I think it makes a right angle with Washington Street. That’s my guess.

  5. The answer is:
    Angel’s home is “25”.

    Dexter’s home is “12”.

    Jarvis’s home is “12”.

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