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Spinning Tube Trick


Check out this video and try to solve the mystery. What do you think? Leave your comments in the comments section.


  1. You can only see the end you spind on because the one you choose is on the outside so you can see it but the other one is in the middle so you canΒ΄t see it.

  2. I think that you would see the “X”. This is because you only saw the”X” when he spun the tube with his finger on it. That means that you will be seeing only the “X” through the glass.

  3. I think the tube has the X and the O on one side but the other side it only has the O when he touches the O and spins it.And he changes the tube,and this part is not filmed in the video.The tube he changed has the X and O on one side,but the other side there is only the X.

  4. Well, that video was interesting! I wonder why you only see the side that you push….
    I think that if we looked at that guy spinning the tube thingy from under the handmade
    glass table, we would probably see both sides, but not at the same time. Kind of because I thought that maybe if we looked at it at a different angle, we might see a different side.


  5. I was really surprised that when the tube spun, you could only see the marking you pressed on it. I wonder where to this electric tube piece. I thought that it was pretty cool. I wonder if we can do it at T.I.S. I would like to see it happen with my own eyes. It looks incredible.

  6. I dont really know but i think that the other side is spining to fast to see becuase when it was slowing down i saw the O moving kind of slow, but the X still moving fast.

  7. I don’t know if it was ok but I looked at Konrads comment and I agree with him.

  8. I think this is prity cool but my prodiction is that I will see the o side not nether the x or both…… But I know how to do it but if I could make a video it would be even cooler. It is a great video.

  9. I first thought that on the top there is a O and on the top there was a X but i was wrong so there must be a reason. I think the guy did not do this but he might of cut the video, edit it and then post the video???
    Maybe the camera might be focused on one of the letters so it wont show the other letter.
    Also it might be that at the start, the guy put his finger on the tube so one side will go faster than the other. I don’t know.
    I think that whoever knows why and their answer was correct, think they are a genius.

  10. Honestly, I don’t really know. But maybe it’s because the force of the finger that you use to push is quite strong for the tube thing and makes the tube go faster when the X comes and we can’t see it. bUT I REALLY HAVE NO CLUE!! For the second glass table thing I think the O would show because if from the top you see the X so turn it oppositely and it makes a O?

  11. I think that happened because if you spin the X it will spin the way that yo will only see the X but if you looked at the bottom you will see O.

  12. i think you can see both because the X is on the top and the O is on the bottom

  13. At first I thought that the side he pushed was spinning slower, but after watching the video a second time, I realized they are spinning the same speed. Now I think that it is a mental trick because you are focused on the “X” so you do not notice the “O” spinning at the same time. But I still don’t understand how you can see the “O” from the bottom.

  14. That was a very interesting video! I wonder why we only see the side the man was holding with his finger… It may be because we only saw the tube from the top side. If we look at it from a different angle, we might see something different. We might see the other mark he wasn’t touching at first.
    I think we will see the X, (the mark his finger was touching) at the top and the O, (the mark he was not touching) will be at the bottom. As I said before, maybe if we look at it from a different angle, we will see something different. ;I think we will see both.

    I think that because if we can only see the mark he was holding, where’s the other mark? I think it’s either the side or the bottom.

    But I have another idea; it also could depend whether he was spinning it fast or slow, since he wrote the mark on the same side. While it was spinning around in circles, it could’ve also rolled over to the other side very fast so we only saw one mark.
    I think that because sometimes the X, (the side he was touching) kept disappearing then reappearing again. And if that was right, the speed could’ve been tricking our eyes to not see the other side, (the side he was not touching). It could’ve been there right in front of our eyes, we just weren’t noticing it.

    I noticed that every time he did the trick, the speed was different. Why? It could’ve been on purpose or by accident. Who knows??

    Both could be right, or both could be wrong. One could’ve been right and the other one could have been wrong. This is a very difficult prediction making video.
    That is what I think.

    Hmmmmm…what’s right and what’s wrong????

  15. When he is pressing on X and then spin it you only see the X because the O is going fast. the spins last because the guy has his finger on it.

  16. I think the O will show because if the X is on top the of the tube than the O must be on the bottom.
    I think that only the side you see is the side on push on because more force is on the side that you push so the side will spin faster to so you can see it more times.

  17. That was interesting. I think what made you see the O when he pressed on it and couldn’t see the X was maybe when he pressed on the O the other side went a lot faster which makes me think that the speed made you not see it. I really want to know the answer soon.

  18. I am now interested to do that incredible trick.The side he touched is the side we see but when we look from underneath we see the opposite. I Think that happened because 1 side is spinning but the other side is not spinning as much as he side he touched.that is what i think.

  19. I REALLY DON’T NO THE ANSWER TO THIS QUESTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! .

  20. Well at first I thought it was a mystery and I agree. So I think maybe it was some sort of trick made up by him but he some how hid it or something I DONT KNOW!!!

  21. and i also agree with Kate

  22. This decision is hard!
    I think that th tube will either show the X or both the X and the O. I think the X will show up because the guy span it from the X, but I also think that they will both show because of the glass table effect.

  23. I think because you pushes o or x so it will going to be in front which you pushed it and in back will going to be o or x which you didn’t pushed so that means the answer to this question is o.

  24. I think its because the side its spinning on has a lot more force so the Side its spinning on is showing because it has kinda more force to it but on the glass table its showing both X & O. I Really don’t know the answer but Thats my guess.

  25. I think that it was some sort of magic.For example the guy might be a magician.Also it could be a optical illusion.

  26. If you hold “X” and spin then you will see “X” from the other side because if you hold “O” and spin then “O” will be in the center and “X” on the outside will spin fast. So you cannot see it.

  27. Wow, that was cool! I looked at Parkers reply and I agrey with it, I think that you wouled see the opposite under the glass table. I also agrey with May because I don’t realy know eather, but I think it’s the forse of the finger that was strong for the tube and makes the tube go faster and the x comes and we can’t see it.

  28. Wait… Waa?! Ok… If you put your finger on the O, the X won’t show because, When you spin the tube, whatever it calls it will turn around and the X goes on the table side. I honestly DON’T KNOW!!!! But the video was kind of interesting…

  29. In the video the tube on one side seems to go faster than the other side.

  30. I never knew that could happen! When I first saw that, I couldn’t believe my eyes! I think that when that Guy puts his finger onto the O, he lets go, and the tube goes flying. And when it does, the O part of the tube goes faster than the X part for just a split second, so that it looks like a line segment. Then, the tube starts to spin. And the X part goes around the O part, automatically making the O part the center of the circle created by the X. So the X part looks blurred, and the X part is invisible!!! BUT, the O part is ALSO circling around and around, like a dog chasing its own tail, so that means that the O part is ALSO blurred! So that means that the O part needs to be INVISIBLE TOO!!!! I know that I’m not really giving a proper conclusion, but if I think or write any more about this, then I think that I will need to sleep for a millennium!!!

  31. I think that was a really interesting video and it made me think a lot. I don’t really know the answer but I think that when he spinned it on the glass you would see the X on the top but if you look under the glass I think you would see only the O.

  32. I think that it was a really interesting video that made me think a lot. I don’t really know but I think that when he spinned the tube on the glass you would see the X but if you look on the bottom o the glass then you would only see the O!

  33. The x no matter how quick the side you push on is on a different speed then the one you did not push. So the side you push has a different speed the the one you did not it’s related to the gravity that’s pushing might be hard to understand.

  34. I think it will be the x because that was the sign that he pressed on and that was the thing the the the boys said

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