Life is like a box of chocolates.

April 24, 2017
by AM

Homework due on April 28

Monday: Look, cover, say, write, and check each of these words. Then write a definition of this word.

  1. protection 2. freedom 3. migrant 4. luxury 5. agriculture

Tuesday: Write a diary entry from the perspective of your Reading Workshop author in at least one paragraph. What do you do in a typical day? What is your work routine? How many hours do you write every day?

Wednesday: Watch this video about Deborah Ellis (author of Parvana).

How did she get the idea for the Parvana books? Do you have anything from real life that you can make a fiction story? Write your ideas in two paragraphs — 10 to 14 sentences — in the comments section.

Thursday: Work on for 25 minutes.

Every day: Read for at least 15 minutes.

*a reminder about homework: please spend only 25 minutes on it and complete what you can!