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Last Day of Grade 4

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We have reached the end of the road for Grade 4. What a year! In August, we made a promise that you would be confident, open-mined, independently thinking, well-balanced inquirers this year. And you delivered on that promise. We saw you teach each other about healthy choices. We watched you become famous explorers in the Living Museum. We witnessed as you designed and carried out your own science experiments. We read, heard and experienced your thoughts and actions on children’s rights and responsibilities.We saw you take on big challenges at the Grade 4 Camp. And we all worked hard to form a mini-economy and sell games to Grade 1 students.

How did you grow over the past year? In what ways did you stretch your limits as a learner? What are your goals for the next school year in Grade 5?

Yesterday, we said goodbye to a group of students who are moving with their families to other parts of the world. We wish you all the best and please please please come back and visit your friends from Grade 4 and the school whenever you can. Most importantly, stay in contact with each other. Remember our time together over the past ten months. Have a great summer everyone!

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  1. it is so sad 🙁

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