Life is like a box of chocolates.

April 28, 2020
by AM

2020: The Year of the Rat. I mean The Year of the Coronavirus.

Hello friends. Well, 2020 has not been the exciting and rollicking good time that we thought it would be, has it? Everything it seems — everything — is getting cancelled or postponed. I hope that everyone is doing well in whatever corner of the world you are in. Most importantly, I hope you and your families are staying healthy and safe in these unprecedented days of the Coronavirus. Many families have gone through some difficult times, and we need to keep them in our thoughts as we are staying at home and limiting our contact with everyone else.

Even though it has been a disruptive three months, the whole COVID-19 situation serves as a reminder that nothing is guaranteed in life. Plans that we had for school or family or travel (especially travel) that seemed certain only a few months ago may have been delayed or completely scrapped. Nobody could have predicted this in January. But here we are. We have to be ready to make changes, be flexible, and keep our focus on what is best for everyone. An important lesson for everyone to carry into the future.

If you are studying at home and having a tough time focusing or keeping up your motivation, remember that this is only a temporary situation. Even though it might not seem like it right now, things will get back to normal.

Thanks for checking in. As always… if you are reading this, leave us a comment in the box below to let everyone know how you are doing.

Sending out positive vibes to wherever you may happen to be on this earth! 🌏