Life is like a box of chocolates.

Where We Learned

Here are a few photos of where we spend spent our time during the day. We actually move moved around a lot during an average week, as you will see below. If you are new to TIS and Grade 4, or just want to show other people where you work worked, (or if you are just coming back to for nostaligia) read on!

AM3_1337This is 4B without the students. The big carpet is where we get together as a whole grade.

AM3_1496This is a picture of 4A during the 2013-14 school year.

AM3_8202This is the track, where we have morning recess.

AM3_8298The roof is a smaller play area where we have a few special lessons here like planting during the spring.

AM3_7906The library.

AM3_8207The Learning Lab on the first floor. This is where we usually start Library lessons every week and where we have some special talks, like this one by visiting author Adam Gidwitz.


Japanese classes are in three different places. One of them is here in 4B.

AM3_8019The Music Room.

AM3_8373The gym is where we have P.E. (Physical Education), our weekly assemblies, and other special events.

AM3_8710The Art Room. Where we have, yup you guessed it, Art!



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